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Full Tilt Opens Play Money One Day Early

Full Tilt Opens Play Money One Day Early

Full Tilt Poker is set to fully re-launch on the 6th of November, yet yesterday they opened their doors to allow players a good look at what will be on offer when it opens. The site only opened its doors for free chip play and to give non-US players a first full look at their balances since before the site was shut down.

The site did initially announce that they would open the door tomorrow on the 2nd of November for free chip play but caught everybody by surprise by doing it two days earlier than planned.

It is obvious that they want to test the site out, see how it is performing and test many of the new features they will be adding. Despite it only being free chip poker, it has been very busy, probably due to players taking a look at their long lost balances from yesteryear to see if they are still in fact intact.

How Does It Look?

Well on first looks it looks cosmetically the same as it did before, with the exception of the new pictures of the ambassadors for the site Viktor Blom, Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen.

Another new feature on the site is the transfer to PokerStars button that is found in the cashier. Though it is meant to be defunct, there have been rumours of players that have been able to link their accounts to their PokerStars ones and transfer their money across.

This new feature will seem like a god send to the millions of non-US based players who have not had access to their accounts for the past 18 months, especially for the ones that had a huge proportion of their bankroll on the site.

Full Tilt have stated that these next few days will be somewhat of a beta period for them, literally to allow the cobwebs to be blown off before the real re-launch on the 6th. They also hope to test new features such as the “add table” feature that is available when players are taking part in a cash game or SNG, this allows the players to simply click the button to open up another table with the same players participating on it.

With literally days now onto the official re-launch, anticipation levels are starting to rise to extreme levels with players all across the world looking forward to not gaining access to their accounts, but also to take part on the site once more.



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