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Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XXI Ready To Go!

Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XXI Ready To Go!

The much awaited FTOPS XXI tournament series is kicking off on Full Tilt Poker, bringing us 35 online events which all conclude with the Main Event which is to start on the 16th of December. The popular tournament series will be the first since the site has been re-launched after PokerStars acquired the assets.

After almost one month of being back online, the site has immediately gained back its number two spot and is now only behind PokerStars with regards to traffic.

However, with the FTOPS series about to return, we should see further improvement on that front, with it being one of the most popular online poker series around. It was first staged back in the August of 2006 and was then held four times a month on a quarterly basis.

This Sunday the 2nd sees it return once again with it running right the way through until the 16th, with the events offering a total prize pool of around $7.5 million. On average there will be one or two events held on a daily basis, with the very first one a $200 + $16 NLHE $750k guaranteed event.

The wide range of tournaments, with the most expensive of them all is the $2k + $100 event that will go on for two days, that is event 31 and is again a NLHE with a $500k guarantee. The Main Event will kick off on the 16th of December with it again being a No Limit Holdem affair, the $600 + $40 buy-in event will have a massive $1.5 million prize pool guarantee.

Extra Bonuses!

Whilst players who make a final table will obviously be happy with their winnings, they will each also win a complimentary FTOPS jacket, whilst the winners of the events will also get a gold coloured FTOPS jersey and a unique avatar that they can use on the site.

Additionally, the winner of the FTOPS leader board will win an even more unique avatar as well as a free ticket to all of the next FTOPS events which is a total of $10k in buy-ins.

Bubble Out? Don’t Worry!

Any players that find themselves eliminated on the bubble of any of the events will also have a chance to redeem themselves as they will be given a ticket to an event called the Bouncebackability Freeroll. The winner of this event will then get a ticket into the Main event.

We are seriously looking forward to this series and will be covering as many of the events as we can, especially the more prominent ones.



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