Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XXIII Starting Final Day

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The Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XXIII is about to see the last of its events played out today, with the Main Event being the one that brings the series to the end. The series has been running since the 4th of August and has seen a total of 36 (up till now) events deliver massive payouts to hundreds of players.

The final day today will see three events completed, one of which was started yesterday in the $1 million guaranteed 2-Day $2,000 + $100 No Limit Holdem, a $500k guaranteed NLHE re-entry and of course the $1.5 million guaranteed NLHE Main Event.

The Action Over The Past Two Days

There were two events completed yesterday and also two completed on Friday, each of which we are going to take a quick look at now.

Event #33 – $200 + $15 No Limit Holdem 6-Max ($100k Guaranteed)

The first event on Friday brought in 737 players which ended up breaking the prize pool guarantee by almost $50k. The guarantee was for $100k, but actually ended up as $147,400 following in the footsteps of the majority of events in the series by beating the guarantee.

The winner was “Pessagno” after he claimed a payout of $31,691 as a reward for beating “ftpballerstatus” heads up.

How It Finished

1st) Pessagno – $31,691.00

2nd) ftpballerstatus – $20,783.40

3rd) team bnn – $14,931.62

4th) Pinocaido – $11,349.80

5th) checktrap11 – $8,107.00

6th) karp8 – $5,159.00

7th) amak316 – $3,242.80

8th) DKarolis – $3,242.80

9th) WhyDoISpew – $2,358.40

10th) Bilalo12 – $2,358.40

Event #34 – $200 + $15 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo ($25k Gtd)

The second event on Friday also beat out the guarantee with the actual figure being $37,000. This was due to 185 players taking up the option of playing this event and risking $200 of their hard earned money.

In the end it was “luckyssstrike” that came out on top, taking home $10,175 after an intense heads up battle versus “MarcelezaBH”.

How it Finished

1st) luckyssstrike – $10,175.00

2nd) MarcelezaBH – $6,808.00

3rd) Artem23Ka – $4,625.00

4th) gudfaren – $2,960.00

5th) JordanUZ – $1,961.00

6th) Gunslinger3          – $1,369.00

7th) AmazingChase – $1,054.50

8th) fets31 – $795.50

9th) FromPenzaWizLav – $610.50

10th) elabuga – $610.50

Event #36 – $200 + $15 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo ($30k Gtd)

The first event that took place on Saturday was a $200 Omaha Hi/Lo event affair that brought in 238 players and created a guarantee busting prize pool of $47,600. Once that field had been reduced to just three players, there was a deal agreed between the players regarding the prize pool.

The player of the three that won the event was “ImDoneCallin”, though his payout of $8,788.33 was not the largest received.

How it Finished

1st) ImDoneCallin – $8,788.33 (deal)

2nd) Defiler_PL – $9,513.40 (deal)

3rd) Demonic16 – $7,878.27 (deal)

4th) Peppito P – $4,641.00

5th) Themong – $3,451.00

6th) osziIIator – $2,499.00

7th) kwerqueradaus – $1,666.00

8th) Klausen – $1,309.00

9th) smilerus – $999.60

10th) squangle43 – $595.00

Event #37 – $100 + $9 No Limit Holdem Rush

Though there were two events playing on Saturday, this was the only one that was completed. It brought in 621 players to take part in the popular Rush format which created a prize pool of $241,200.

After many long hours it was “x13full” who finished at the top of the pile and received a payout of $59,094 for his efforts.

How It Finished

1st) x13full – $59,094.00

2nd) MarkusG – $36,783.00

3rd) antesvante – $27,135.00

4th) 19Micha90 – $21,105.00

5th)Bokito01 – $15,678.00

6th) NovaSky – $11,457.00

7th) HosentRoger – $7,477.20

8th) zornigeshuhn – $5,788.80

9th) checktrap11 – $4,582.80

10th) BlackFours- $2,532.60