Full Tilt Poker Introduces Jackpot SNG’s

Full Tilt Poker

Could you imagine buying in to a SNG for $10, expecting to maybe triple your money only to find out that you could actually be playing for a prize pool of $20k? Well this is what Full Tilt Poker have made possible through the introduction of Jackpot SNG’s.

These SNG’s were implemented a couple of days ago on the site and have already proved popular among players.

How they work is that the $1, $2, $5, and $10 sit and go’s will use a random multiplayer at the start of each SNG which will multiply the prize pool between 2 and 2000 times. Three players take part in each SNG and the SNG’s are in a Super Turbo format which will usually mean they are over very quickly.

In all SNG’s which have been multiplied between 2 and 20 times will see the winner take all  whilst any that have been multiplied between 100 and 2000 times will see the winner take 75%, the runner up 15% and the third placed man 10% of the prize pool.

This means that in a $10 SNG that has been multiplied by 2000 times will see the loser instantly win $2k, the runner up $3k and the winner $15k.

This new SNG format is sure to please the masses at Full Tilt Poker due to its quick and easy route to winning some good money. Full Tilt Poker’s Sarne Lightman said below,

“From the random prize pool draw at start of play to the fast-paced structure and format, Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments have been designed to provide players, even if they only have a few minutes to play, a truly exciting way to compete for big prizes,”