Full Tilt Poker Jackpot SNGs: From $10 to $15k

jackpot sit and go

The Full Tilt Poker Jackpot SNG’s have only been running since the 24th of June yet according to Full Tilt Poker, there has already been one winner of the largest possible jackpot worth $15k. That winner was a female Russian student by called ‘Alisa’ that was using the screen name “VSA24”.

She won the SNG when he Qs-Jc out flopped her opponents Ah-Kh when the board revealed the Qc-4s-8h-Qd-3d. She was quick to tell the blog at Full Tilt Poker that she is extremely thrilled as the money will help with her ongoing wedding plans.

 “…even now I still can’t believe that I won $15,000 from a $10 buy-in! Currently I’m in the middle of preparations for my wedding with my boyfriend, so the money will help for sure! This is my first big (huge) win and I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Full Tilt Poker team!”

As we explained in our article yesterday, these Jackpot SNG’s seat three players and have a random multiplier at the start that can offer as low as double the prize pool right up to 2,000 times the prize pool.

Whilst she is the first player to scoop the maximum amount which can only be won from the $10 SNG’s, but there has been another maximum payout won by someone playing the $1 level SNG’s.

This was achieved by the Czech “PackieAA” who scored a payout of $1,500 from that single dollar by beating both “Bender2378” and “lozer7” who also took home $300 and $200 respectively. He too shared his enjoyment on the Full Tilt Blog when he said “How can I feel when I play for small money and then all of the sudden for 1,5K?! It is unbelievable, the real poker adventure. Your heart is beating and you already know you will get some money for sure.”

We are sure that this format will bring plenty more big winners and happy players who are now able to have a chance at winning money their original buy-in would never achieve.