Full Tilt Poker Reimbursements Day Announced

refund sign

Three years after their funds were seized by the Department of Justice, Full Tilt Poker players in the U.S. are getting ready to be fully reimbursed. Garden City Group has been appointed to oversee the process and the company has set November 17 as the deadline for submitting claims. Those who did their due diligence and followed the GCG instructions to the letter can now relax and wait for Spring to come, because reimbursements will start on March 31st 2014.

Garden City Group no longer accepts fillings from American players except for poker professionals and affiliates, who need to follow a different set of instructions. Those who are wondering whether their poker skills and past profits make them qualify for the status of poker professionals, need not to worry because GCG made it crystal clear. The only ones who are deemed ineligible for the refunds are those poker players who were sponsored with Full Tilt Poker funds or were member of Team Full Tilt.

For regular players regardless of how successful they were at the time they competed at Full Tilt Poker tables, things are straightforward. Garden City Group is now reviewing the petitions filed by those who consider themselves eligible for reimbursements and will start refunding them in Q1 of 2014. Once the balances are confirmed, GCG will give the green light and will monitor the entire process, to make sure that after the long wait, all those who meet the requirements receive their money.

The situation of those who had affiliate status is somewhat special, because the company is the supreme authority in determining their eligibility. Garden City Group officials have stated that they are taking this laborious process seriously and will investigate all the claims. They also emphasised the fact that claimants might require additional documents and that they will be contacted via email and instructed to follow a different set of directions.

Affiliates will be given one month to meet these prerequisites and submit the requested information, to determine their eligibility for reimbursement. Full Tilt professionals are in a similar position as their cases will be individually reviewed by the commission, that will decide whether they qualify for reimbursement or not. Regular players who failed to submit the claims by November 17 are out of luck, because this was the deadline and no exceptions to the rule will be made for procrastinators.

Check out the latest update on the subject via the official Full Tilt Poker Claims website.