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Full Tilt Pros Vs PokerStars Pros – PokerStars wins 3-0

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGironIt seems recently there have been a mix of grudge matches surrounding the re-opened Full Tilt with the most recent between Full Tilt “Professional” Gus Hansen and PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

Recently we saw Antonio versus Cao in the one million dollar challenge featured on Full Tilt and once again the heat is being turned up as a friendly exchange of banter between Hansen and Negreanu resulted in a Full Tilt Poker “Professional’s” versus PokerStars Pro heads up showdown. It all started on Twitter with Hansen reminding Negreanu of a hand where Hansen pulled out quads on the river after both players had flopped trips with Negreanu’s trip 6s ahead of Hansen’s trip 5s, but Hansen managed to get the 2% odds of landing the quads.

Hansen obviously had bragging rights on this hand and Negreanu wasn’t standing for it, so the challenge was set. Instead of make this a dual between the two the antes were upped with Hansen inviting two Full Tilt pros by way of Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom and Negreanu replied with Betrand “ElKy” Grosspellier and Ike Haxton.

The line-up was set as 3k chips to start in three dual heads up matches with each match played across three tables, making the winner out of each match the player who can win best out of three games. The overall winner between the two top poker rooms would also be settled as the best out of three from the results of the three matches.

The Match Line-Up Played @ Full Tilt Poker

1. Isildur1 Vs ElkY

2. durrrr Vs Haxton

3. Hansen Vs Negreanu

The first match turned out to be a surprising white wash as the favourite “Isildur1” was cleaned out 0-3 by “ElKy”. “Isildur1” is considered the best No Limit Hold’em heads-up player on the circuit, but this wasn’t to be his day, although “ElKy” did have his fair share of luck on his side. In game one “Isildur1” shoved with an open ended straight and flush draw, but “ElKy” had flopped the nut straight with no flush in sight by the river for “Isildur1”. Later in the second game “Isildur1” flopped two pair while holding K-10 on a flop that read K-5-5, but as the betting heated up and all the chips were in it turned out “ElKy” was lucky again holding A-K. “ElKy” then took down game 3 to make it 0-3.

“Durrrr” Vs “Haxton” was next up. At the mid-way stage it was neck a neck at one a piece after Dwan won the second with a bit of luck, on the Full Tilt teams side this time. “Durrrr” went all in with only the Queen as an over card versus Haxton’s top pair. Luckily for “Durrrr” the river pulled out his Queen. In the third game “Durrrr” appeared to be, as usual, over aggressive and ran into Haxton’s pocket Aces to give Haxton game 3 and the match.

By now PokerStars had been crowned the champions as it was Full Tilt Poker Pros 0 versus PokerStars Pros 2.

Then it was time for the grudge match. Hansen was ahead at all three tables for the most part giving Full Tilt some light at the end of the tunnel, but as Hansen and Negreanu flopped top pair on one of the tables Hansen had the lead with the top kicker. However, it was payback time for Negreanu who luckily rivered an eight giving him two pair.

Hansen still wasn’t done and took the lead on the remaining two tables, nonetheless once again Negreanu turned it around when he was lucky again with K-K versus Hansen’s J-J. For Hansen this spelt the end as he was now down 0-2 and he went on to lose the last game giving PokerStars the 0-3 convincing victory.



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