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FTP Re-Launch Closes In – Assets Arrive In Isle Of Man

FTP Re-Launch Closes In – Assets Arrive In Isle Of Man

In news that just confirms that PokerStars really mean business in their re-launch of the recently acquired Full Tilt Poker steams onto fruition. Yesterday they had all of the hardware that once belonged to the previous ownership flown from the Channel Islands to where they work under license in the Isle Of Man.

Since PokerStars acquired Full Tilt Poker from The DOJ in the United States they have had a lot of work to do trying to put the site back together as well as facilitate the repayment of all of the non-US based players that still have funds locked up in the site.

This equipment contained over 30 tons of servers, racking amongst a whole host of other important hardware. This just further show the commitment of PokerStars to keep their word and get the former players of Full Tilt paid and the site back up and running before the 6th of November.

Full Tilt under the previous ownership was based in Dublin, Ireland, though it held its servers in the Channel Islands. There they were regulated by the AGCC which is based in Alderney.

They had to use a military standard Hercules transporter as most of the equipment was simply too large for a standard aircraft, mainly due to the height of it all.

The Isle Of Man

PokerStars still insist that Full Tilt will remain as its own entity and still in fact have some offices in Dublin, yet they want the site to be regulated under the same authority as their own in the Isle Of Man. PokerStars like to work close to their servers and have the whole of the main hub in the same location.

In fact it is now part of what is known as the effective online poker regulation, which means that the whole infrastructure of the company should be maintained under the same jurisdiction. This is one of the main reasons for the shipping of equipment.

Along with the acquisition of Full Tilt came more than 200 staff that was based in Ireland, in which PokerStars ensure that their jobs are safe and that they are actually looking to further recruit in the country. PokerStars also insist that this move was not made to benefit them but the whole poker community in general, they expect it to once again grow and flourish like the times of old.

In fact the data centre held in the Isle Of Man will allow the site to have a much larger amount of data throughput.



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