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Full Tilt Red Pros To Be No More!

Full Tilt Red Pros To Be No More!

Ever since PokerStars acquired the assets of Full Tilt Poker, there have obviously been a lot of questions regarding what will be happening to the former FTP Red Pros. These were the sponsored players that were signed under the previous ownership of the site, which as we all know went famously “downhill” to put it politely.

However, a recent email sent by the Rational Group ( the operators of both PokerStars and now FTP) to the former Red Pro’s and was obtained by PokerNews, has told them that the Red Pros no longer exist and that their contracts will not be honoured.

The Professionals!

This is because the Red Pro’s were part of the former ownership and not one that PokerStars wish to continue, especially having set up their very own sponsored players known as the “Professionals”. The Professionals are at the moment confined to just three players, Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan.

The email sent to the former Red Pro’s confirmed that it was only the paying back of money owed to former players of Full Tilt Poker, the balances that they lost. They are not liable and will not be paying back any money that was/is owed to the former Red Pro’s. They are not legally bound to, though they do apologise for this.

The email started off with the new Full Tilt Poker Team Pro manager Dustin Iannotti apologising for the fact that there had been no communication between the site and the Red Pro’s for quite a considerable amount of time. He takes no responsibility himself as he has only just been put in the position that he has. He goes on to say that he understands how frustrating this must have been for all of them.

He then goes on to explain that the Red Pro’s will not be continued due to the site having their own new set of sponsored pro’s.

He then offered a little bit of hope by suggesting that while the site is not actively seeking for new members of the Professionals at this time, which they will be keeping the files of all of the Red Pro’s just in case they do look to recruit somebody else.

Avatars And Screen Names!

The email then explains how the players can go about changing their avatars if they so wish. They have an option to change both the screen name and avatars back to how they were before they were a Red Pro or can keep them how they are if they so wish.

We feel that many of the Red Pro’s would have been expecting this, with PokerStars seemingly trying to distance themselves as far away as possible from the old FTP regime.


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