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Full Tilt Returns With A Brand New Loyalty Program

shutterstock_72449923Full Tilt Poker is back and in an attempt to restore its former glory, the poker company revives its Black Card campaign and introduces a new loyalty program. The goal is to attract highrollers and veteran Texas hold’em players who switched to other poker websites during the time Full Tilt was offline.

The incentives include cash back promotions that will enable players to convert Full Tilt Points to cash at a rate of up to 40%. Full Tilt Poker confirmed the fact that those who would redeem their points won’t have to meet any wagering requirements and will dispose of the cash as they please. Those who will become Black Card members and have the best results could benefit of sponsorship contracts.

Full Tilt Poker stated that the sponsorship program will be based on performance and will include both sit and go tournaments, multitable ones and cash games. Players will be evaluated over a period of 6 months and based on their results they could be offered sponsorship contracts. The poker company is yet to reveal the criteria that it intends to use for measuring performance, but officials say that they would be working closely with poker professionals and the Texas hold ‘em community to come up with the best system.

The goal is to attract players who spend a lot of time at the poker tables, with highrollers and those who have attained VIP status being targeted. Full Tilt Poker understands that these players are reluctant to forsake the VIP status earned with great effort and massive investments, and that is why it offers a VIP Amnesty. Throughout April and those who are interested in shifting from their current poker websites to Full Tilt Poker can make the transition without losing their VIP status.

The Full Tilt loyalty program promises to offer the same privileges with the Black Card programs and Edge Rewards being adjusted to meet their expectations. Those who take the leap of faith can expect to enjoy superior benefits with Full Tilt poker without losing anything in the process.

In order to prove their VIP status earned on another website, players are required to take a screenshot that will include the username and their play level. Once this requirement is met, their Full Tilt account will be instantly upgraded to a corresponding Edge Status. As soon as the Black Card level goes live, those who earn enough points to preserve their level will be automatically upgraded to Black Card member status.


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