Full Tilt World Poker Championship In Full Swing

Football in the net

It is not just the poker world that is hosting the pinnacle of events at the moment as you may have noticed the world going crazy about another large tournament going on over in Brazil. That’s right, the World Cup is now in full swing and football fever has truly gripped the planet.

Full Tilt Poker has decided to embrace this euphoria by hosting what they have called the Full Tilt World Poker Championship. This involves looking over the results of each nation and pitting those results against their opponents to see who comes out as the winner and is labeled the best poker nation on the planet.

Brazil vs. Croatia

They have had two matches so far with Brazil coming up against Croatia and Croatia then taking on Mexico after that. As you can see, the groups are the same as the ones used in the World Cup…except there is no Costa Rica due their not being enough of a player base to really compete.

They are measuring player’s success in SNG’s, MTT’s, cash games and awarding a goal for the nation that wins each format.

The first match provided a real shock as Croatia secured victory over host nation Brazil after coming out on top in both the SNG and cash game formats. It finished 2-1 then to Croatia who then went on to play their second match against Mexico.

Croatia Vs. Mexico

Croatia carried their good form over to the next game but they did have to endure an early scare as Mexico went into the lead with a comprehensive victory in the SNG segment. Croatia managed to level things up with a slight victory in the MTT format before storming to a good victory by dominating the cash game format.

Another 2-1 victory for Croatia and they are now out of the group stages and into the next round.

Brazil and Mexico will now have to compete in the playoffs with the winner joining Croatia into the next round. After that playoff reveals a winner, there will be the next World Cup group where we can expect some further fireworks.

You can follow the Full Tilt World Poker Championships over at the Full Tilt Poker blog and fly your flag for your favourite nation.