George Danzer Talks Poker and More in Q&A


The Hangouts sessions of PokerNews during the WSOP have been really interesting and after the Gus Hansen Q&A we bring you George Danzer in front of the camera answering questions from fans. The German player came a long way and set new personal records this year while reaching new milestones. His success inspired others, including countryman and footballer Max Kruse to play poker and he exceeded expectations at the WSOP 2014.

The interview gave Danzer the chance to tackle a broad spectrum of subjects and he rose to the challenge. The outspoken George gave a couple of powerful advice to grinders and some tongue-in-cheek recommendations to prospective players. He also shares his insights on how to make a successful transition from online poker to the live tables and gives his personal example.

There is virtually no topic that Danzer hesitates to chat on and didn’t hesitate to comment on Dan Colman’s decision to limit the chatter with the media. Check out the Youtube video for 15 minutes of pure entertainment and some useful poker advice.