Getting into your opponents’ game plan

game plan

What you will find as you play more and more online poker is that many of your opponents will play poker in the same way or roughly the same way. What I mean by this is that your opponents’ default game will form a large part of what they do. So what exactly do I mean by “default” game? Well a player’s default game is the lines that they revert to in times of stress or when they have insufficient time to think. For example a person’s own natural attitude to risk and personality has a lot of impact on their default game as does their level of poker education.

If a player is naturally risk adverse and not at all advanced then they may slip into pot control lines with mediocre hands for example. The next question is will this player fold to certain lines and certain bet sizes with their mediocre holdings? This is something that we need to find out because if they do then we can make them fold their mediocre hands by simply pressuring them off their hand. If they call on the river for half pot with the Kd-Jd on a Kh-10s-9s-4c-3h board then they would probably have called two thirds pot or even pot.

If you try to bluff such a player on the river and they look you up then do not fret this result. The chances are that they were simply not going to fold anyway and so whatever bet sizing you chose may not have been enough. When players show an inclination to call with certain types of hands then this is something that you need to take note of. Remember that you may be better keeping your notes simple.

If your opponent calls with K-J here for a decent sized bet on the river then the modus operandi will be that they call down with mediocre hands in genaral or they call down with them against you which from your perspective amount to the same thing. So if they call down with K-J then they would likely call down with most kings or even most hands of similar value. This is very useful information to know because it can prevent you from launching multiple barrel bluffs in the wrong spots and then being able to value bet your opponents if need be when you have better hands than one pair.

If you are bluffing and your opponents are folding then you can continue the aggression. However, it is when they are calling that you have a potential problem. If your opponent calls your bluff then they are basically doing so for one reason only and this is because they feel that they have the best hand…….there is no other reason. This is either because they value their hand strength against what you hold or because they feel that your hand strength is very weak because they do not believe your line.