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Global Poker Index – Weekly Update

Global Poker Index – Weekly Update

It’s that time of the week again, the Global Poker Index have again released the weeks updated top 300 tournament players. They make use of a formula that ranks players by a points scoring system based on their tournament results over the past three years.

This week we see a change at the top as Jason Mercier has been dislodged from the top by Dan Smith. For most of the year it had been somewhat of a two horse race between Mercier and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, however in recent weeks we have seen the emergence of other players such as Dan Smith and Marvin Rettenmeier.

Current Top Ten:

1 Dan Smith 3,056.84 +5

2 Jason Mercier 2,913.38 -1

3 Marvin Rettenmaier 2,766.21 –

4 Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 2,744.54 -2

5 Andrew Lichtenberger 2,545.70 –

6 Philipp Gruissem 2,531.40 -2

7 Steve O’Dwyer 2,487.96 –

8 Phil Hellmuth 2,421.95 –

9 Vanessa Selbst 2,404.80 +1

10 Mike Watson 2,400.12 -1


Dan Smith heads to the top after some of his results have matured to boost separate periods in his rankings.

New Players In The Top 300:

Tim West 1,274.02 186th

Dominik Nitsche 1,254.77 199th

Ray Qartomy 1,136.01 253rd

Justin Conley 1,118.94 264th

Chady Ojeil 1,067.58 284th

Kunal Patel 1,066.79 285th

Igor Yaroshevsky 1,063.35 287th

Arnaud Mattern 1,061.38 288th

Jake Bazeley 1,057.30 289th

Eric Baldwin 1,057.27 290th

Stephane Albertini 1,048.82 291st

Marko Neumann 1,047.69 293rd

Mike Wattel 1,047.58 294th

Kunimaro Kojo 1,044.37 296th

David Bach 1,042.31 298th

Marc Inizan 1,041.49 299th

We saw a total of sixteen players gaining entry into the top 300 with the highest one of them being Tim West, he managed a 7th place finish at the Festa al Lago.

With new players coming in, we also had to see some leave the top 300. The more notable drops include Matt Stout, Lucille Cailly and Nacho Barbero.

Biggest Jumps:

20th Justin Bonomo 2,166.56 +39

101st Dimitar Danchev 1,564.79 +35

106th Matt Waxman 1,554.24 +130

167th Victor Ramdin 1,327.19 +35

195th Zachary Korik 1,259.69 +89

232nd Greg Ronaldson 1,182.67 +41

240th Jeff Gross 1,165.28 +41

243rd Ty Reiman 1,155.41 +50

246th Maria Ho 1,145.96 +41

The biggest mover up the rankings was certainly Matt Waxman as he climbed 130 places after finishing as the runner up in the Festa al Lago Main Event which paid him $273,944.

The Biggest Falls:

131st Andrew Badecker 1,472.97 -81

152nd McLean Karr 1,386.69 -43

158th Guillaume Darcourt 1,367.68 -42

178th Vyacheslav Igin 1,300.33 -73

183rd Martin Finger 1,287.53 -89

185th Sergio Castelluccio 1,278.01 -62

204th Matt Glantz 1,249.32 -46

263rd Marco Leonzio 1,120.19 -41

276th Rupert Elder 1,088.37 -55

283rd Alex Queen 1,070.06 -41

The biggest faller this week was the unfortunate Martin Finger as some of his better results three years ago are now too far back to be counted in the points system.






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