Good news for U.S. online poker players’ payouts

refund sign

Three years ago, poker players who had an account with Full Tilt Poker had they money seized after Black Friday, but they are now just a step away from getting it all back.

The U.S. Department of Justice eventually appointed the Garden City Group to oversee the process of reimbursement and the company diligently worked to determine which players were eligible and their findings were audited by the authorities.

Results are promising as, according to the Poker Players Alliance, the D.O.J. is ready to release $82 million which should be divided among 30,000 players eligible for compensation.


In late 2013, GCG announced that the reimbursement will begin on March 31st, but for some U.S. Full Tilt Poker players, payday could come even earlier. This only applies to those players who have undisputed claims, but it is still a big step forward after so many years of waiting.

All relevant information regarding the reimbursement process will be made available and brought up to date, as usually, at

Things are slightly different for poker professionals and affiliates and GCG announced that additional documents might be required.