What is a good poker education?

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Educating poker players is big business these days and coaching sites are all over the online arena. We are in a situation where there are more coaches and coaching sites than ever before…… why is this? Well one of the reasons is because many winning players can make as much money per hour as a coach than they can as a player or in many cases more. It isn’t because these guys are not winning poker players although some of them are not. It is simply because a good coach is in demand and that demand can often outperform their hourly rate as a poker player.

Let’s face it…… if you could make $30/hour as a poker pro then there would be a lot of people clamouring for your services. So purely on a first come first served basis then you could charge anything from $100 to $150 per session or even per hour for these people. There is a tremendous urge to want to short cut a process to make you into a good winning poker player and this is why there are many people that are prepared to throw money at improving their poker play.

So a good solid poker coach may spend 6 hours per week coaching and making $100/hour and 24 hours playing and making $30/hour. There is no way that a good poker coach would turn down work that paid them $100/hour when they were only making $30/hour as a player. The online games have got tougher and so it is easy to see why so many players are now using coaching as a way to supplement their income. In fact a coach that was in very high demand could earn several times more as a coach per year than they could as a player.

So the old motto of “those that cannot do…… teach” is massively inaccurate in the world of online poker. In fact the old adage of “the best way to learn something is to teach it” applies to poker as well. As a poker coach then it forces you to look objectively at a few key areas of your own game. So the question of “what is a good poker education” isn’t easy to answer because in my opinion, the answer can only be seen when we look at poker from a wide angle.

As someone that has both played and studied poker for nearly fifteen years then I can say that no deep and rounded poker education can be possible within a short time frame. I believe that a poker education is as deep and as complex as any other complex profession and becoming a doctor isn’t possible after six months of work is it? To get a good poker education involves getting hold of the best material from the best sources and playing a form of poker that suits your personality.

It then involves constant work and study but the best way to do this is to be in love with poker in the first place. I recall something prophetic by the famous player David Benyamine some years ago when he said that “You have to love poker for poker to love you back”.