GPI’s Masterplan to Sportify Poker

Is Poker a Sport

Both the Global Poker Index and its founder Alex Dreyfuss has become major cogs in the well oiled machine called the poker industry over the past few years, yet they are now looking to take the next step and become the main source of power through sportifying the game.

Dreyfuss shared these plans in a new blog he wrote at the site, where he announced some bold plans that he has for 2015 that could see poker seen in the same light as sport.

“Its been two years since I began developing the Global Poker Index into a startup capable of being one of the central pieces within the worldwide poker Ecosystem. Its been an ambitious investment, an entrepreneurial dream, and a leap of faith – in short, a long journey. Yet the further I go, the more I realize we havent even begun to scratch the surface of whats possible in this space – and it makes the whole adventure that much more exciting.”

He discusses the six step plan that should get poker to where he feels it should be, with the first step being founding of the Global Poker Index and it becoming recognised as the only legitimate tournament ranking system for players.

The next step was the implementation of the Fantasy Poker Manager that allowed fans to get involved with the whole poker show. They then brought the third step into play with the European and American Poker Awards, yet the biggest steps were still to come.

These are now set to come into play in 2015 with the first ever GPM (Global Poker Masters) and GPL (Global poker League). These are the final steps that could lead to the game becoming sportified in such a way that the game has countries and teams competing against each other.

First there will be the GPM which will see the nine top ranked countries on the GPI and their highest ranked players take each other on in an event that will see the prize pool generated through sponsorship rather than through players buying in.

Then, the GPL, which is by far the bravest step in this plan, will see teams and franchises competing in a season long league.

GPL will be Pokers professional league. The initial vision is to have a series of live events akin to a sports season co-hosted by international poker events, with between six to eight different franchises (poker teams) competing against one another with initial seasons lasting a short three to four months. Unlike the Global Poker Masters – where teams are comprised of each Nations top 5 available players – GPL teams will consist of “draftable” players from GPIs Rankings and wildcard entries.”

It all sounds extremely exciting and we are already looking forward to 2015 to see how it all pans out. To get more information you can head over to the blog written by Dreyfuss that will go a long way to explaining the plans in a clearer fashion.