Grafton Defends The New Generation Of Poker Players

debate on chalk board

The latest name to publicly join the debate created by the Joe Hachem’s interview at the Aussie Millions is successful British pro Sam Grafton. Hachem claimed that “the game of poker is dying” and that there are now no personalities coming through like in the old days, just young internet players that are in the game for nothing other than money.

Grafton posted his opinion over at RunItOnce and took the stance that there really is not a problem with the personalities of the younger generation of poker players, just that the media is not conveying these personalities like they used to during the poker boom.

He wrote “There has been a great deal said and written in response to Joe Hachem’s interview at the Aussie Million. Two pros whose opinions carry a lot of weight – Daniel Negreanu and Phil Galfond – have both responded at length and there have been numerous other articles and blogs inspired by the points Hachem made. This is because people genuinely seem to have concerns about whether the current crop of elite players have the ability to inspire future generations of poker players, they have concerns about younger pros conduct at the table both live and online, and they have concerns over the future growth of poker if the culture of the community doesn’t change. These are some of my thoughts on the subject.”

He then goes on to state that there really is not too much difference between the players coming through today and those that are considered living legends of the game. Ivey was hardly known for his personality at the table but more for his ability, the sort of thing the new breed are facing criticism for.

“The point I’m trying to make is that the stars of a decade ago didn’t have traits that were somehow more marketable than those of the current generation. It’s simply that their behaviour isn’t being processed by the media in a different way. We made a hero out of Phil Hellmuth being fiercely competitive, supremely talented and occasionally petulant – does this not sound like Vanessa Selbst? Phil Ivey was intimidatingly robotic at the table whilst turning out results with unfathomable consistency – could this not be Mike McDonald? We have Kyle Julius, Tim Adams, Jake Cody, Melanie Weisener. These guys are huge characters and if this not being conveyed to the public it’s a failure of the poker media and the site’s marketing departments, not that of the player.”

We feel that Grafton has a very valid opinion on this subject and an angle that has not be put forward yet. Read this interesting opinion from one of the UK’s very best players in full by clicking here.