Greenstein Talks Tournaments

Poker chips

PokerStars Team Pro Barry Greenstein is one of the old guard in the game of poker, having been in the game back in the days when there were far fewer tournaments, fewer players and only a handful of well known players. Since then he has seen the huge growth of poker to what it is that we see today and the evolution of tournaments the world over.

In a recent blog post on PokerStarsBlog he talks a little about why he has only played a handful of tournaments this year, why he would rather stay away from re-entry tournaments and why he feels tournaments with less than 100 players should not in fact count as tournaments and their winnings count on tournament career earnings.

He starts by saying that he has only played five tournaments thus far this year because he wants to be closer to home to be able to take in some cash games. He also goes on to explain that the explosion of re-entry tournaments on the calendar these days has put him off from playing.

“In a sense, re-entry tournaments aren’t true poker. I think of a poker tournament as a competition where the playing field is level. However, in re-entry events, players with deeper pockets are able to fire off a bunch of bullets and have a better shot to make the final table than those who can only afford to buy in once. If I wanted an uneven playing field, I’d sit in a cash game,”

He is also against tournaments that have less than 100 players actually being recognised as tournaments that then go on to count towards career tournament rankings and earnings.

“I also believe that the overall tournament money list shouldn’t include events with fewer than 100 players. It’s not a selfish move– it would actually come at the expense of my own standing on the list. I have won events that had fewer than 100 players, most notably a million-dollar, winner-take-all seven-card stud tournament where the buy-in was $125,000.”

He makes some very interesting points so it is well worth taking in the whole blog post. The issue of re-entry tournaments has been spoken about a lot this year with opinions seemingly split down the middle. With Dan Shak and now Barry Greenstein saying that they prefer to stay away from them, we wonder if some compromise might be made with many tournament organisers to limit these events or possibly allow just one rebuy.