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Greg Merson – The Latest Chip And A Chair Story

Greg Merson – The Latest Chip And A Chair Story

The beauty of the World Series Of Poker Main event is the stories that it regularly throws up, the biggest this year has to be how Greg Merson managed to make the final table after being just two big blinds away from being eliminated.

In reality Greg Merson shouldn’t have made that illustrious final table to be played in October, because on day five and with just 150 players remaining he literally had two blinds worth of chips left. He got into that position after giving most of his stack to Fabrizio Gonzalez.

The hand played out when Merson decided to push with just second pair and a nut flush draw, Gonzalez called with his set and managed to stay in front for the remaining two cards. This incurred a countdown of chips, once this was finished it was established that Merson just about had Gonzalez covered…Just!

Merson’s WSOP Was Already A Lucky One!

Had the tournament ended on the very next hand it is highly doubtful he could have been too disappointed, having already won a bracelet in the $10,000 Event 57 six handed no limit hold’em tournament for a payout of $1.1 and two other cash outs totally just under $100k.

However his WSOP may actually have literally only just begun, from being down to just two big blinds he managed to go on an incredible run. He stated by doubling up, waiting a little while and then doubling up again. Before long he had enough chips to start making some moves, and some moves he certainly made, he managed to knock out a couple of players and low and behold he had an average stack again.

Throughout Day 6 and Day 7 he continually made massive strides, and by the end of play he had made the final table in 3rd place with a stack of 8.75 million chips.

If he had gone out of the event back on Day 5 he would have cashed out with $52,718, now he stands to make at the very least around 900k, however given he is currently in third place he stands to make a lot more.

Merson is making himself a superstar in the world of poker, though he admits he doesn’t care much for the fame. He would much rather play online on sites such as PokerStars than enter live events. The only respect he desires is that from his fellow peers saying “The players who play online and are good at poker know who I am, that is all that matters to me”

His ultimate dream is to be known as the best there is at poker, it was the reason he pursued poker in the first place. “I am still working to get there, but it is my ultimate dream”

Well if he wins this October he will be making a good step in the right direction at realizing that dream!



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