Greg Merson’s Twitter rant and explanation (vid)

Greg Merson in 2013 Main Event

One week ago, former World Series of Poker Main Event winner Greg Merson had a verbal exchange with Gus Hansen, and made some wild accusations about Jean Robert Bellande. Now that the World Series of Poker has ended and only nine players are still in the race for winning the Main Event, Merson took the time to explain his bellicose comments.

It all began when Aria hosted high-stakes games inside the casino, which were supposed to be public but several players including Greg were prevented from buying in. After busting from a WSOP side event, he intended to play at these tables and patiently waited in a queue for a free spot to become available. Six hours later, this finally happened but much to his dismay, the other players told him that someone else was already waiting.

What caused Merson’s outburst was the fact that he saw the player coming in just a few minutes before, so it was obvious for him that he was being forced out from the table. In a recent interview, he confessed that he was equally frustrated by the fact that a public game proved to be a private affair and that he had to wait six hours for nothing. Back then, he couldn’t contain his anger and lashed out at Gus Hansen and Jean Robert Bellande with the latter being the target of some vicious comments.



Gus Hansen accused him on the spot and later in the interview for acting like an idiot, although in the end apologised while condemning his attitude. Greg did something similar and accepted the fact that he might have used the wrong words, but still accuses Aria of conducting unfair business. He claims that a group of poker professionals are preventing newcomers from joining them and they set up these high-stakes tables with the intention of feeding on occasional fish.

It goes without saying that the former WSOP Main Event winner has no intention to compete at Aria’s tables, but he won’t stop reinforcing his idea. In other news, the poker pro told the reporter that he has no intention to linger in Las Vegas any longer and is looking forward for a well-deserved break after the World Series of Poker. It’s been a fun summer for Greg and even though he failed to make the final table, he finished in the 106 seven place and received $43,000.

The return on his investment was excellent and now Merson can take some time off from the poker tables, although he doesn’t rule out the possibility of playing some poker later this year. One of his possible destinations is Macau, a gambling hub that attracts high-stakes poker throughout the year.