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Greg Raymer Makes It A Fabulous Four At Belterra

Greg Raymer Makes It A Fabulous Four At Belterra

When it comes to sensational achievements in poker, Greg Raymer has certainly put himself right near the top of them. He has one half of the last eight HPT events, which means four titles in the last four months with all of them being on the same tour.

These are not easy events either; he has had to beat fields which on average have been 150 players or more, whilst the players in them consist of some of the best players on the poker scene.

He completed his achievement by taking down the HPT Championship Open yesterday which was being held at the Belterra Casino. His score of $106,030 now means he has won $371,967 from the tour this year which has catapulted him right to the top of the all-time winnings list with regards to the HPT.

He had already pretty much sewn up the HPT Player Of The Year before this event having already won three titles, yet he emphatically made it mathematically impossible for anyone else to steal it from him yesterday.

The Final Table!

Once the event reached the final table Raymer was actually the short stack, meaning he had plenty of work to do if he wanted to move himself up the leader board and take the title. Well, he did just that with an early double up against Iverson Snuffer when he was holding the As-2s against his opponents Ac-Qc.

He looked to be doomed, but the flop fell as Td-Th-2c putting him in front, whilst the turn and river fell as the Jh and 3d respectively to give him a now playable stack. His stack was soon to get even bigger as he eliminated Kenneth Hicks in 6t place when he outgunned his opponents Ah-Qh with the Ac-Kh.

The second player to be eliminated was Jason Quinn missed his open ended straight draw against the trips of Jacob Bazeley. Then we lost the player that actually came to the final table as the chip leader, Snuffer. He never fully recovered from that early blow dealt by Raymer and found himself all-in holding the Ah-Kh against the pocket tens of Ostrander. He would have felt fairly confident until the flop brought out the Ts-7s-2d to effectively end the hand right there. The remaining cards were of no help and he was eliminated in 4th place.

We then lost Ostrander in third place when eliminated by Bazeley to leave him heads up against Raymer. Raymer was holding almost a 2-1 lead and it took not many more than ten hands for him to send Bazeley home with a $59,706 payday. He called Bazeley’s all-in holding the As-Qh; his opponent was holding only the Ad-6d with both hands hitting an ace, meaning that Raymer one by virtue of his higher kicker.

Final Standings:

1st Greg Raymer – $106,030

2nd Jacob Bazeley – $59,706

3rd Bruce Ostrander – $38,088

4th Iverson Snuffer – $32,941

5th Jason Gwinn – $25,324

6th Kenny Hicks – $20,588



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