Gripsed Tackles Jackpot SNG’s (vids)

Spin & Go Tournaments

The latest poker format to hit the biggest online poker sites recently has become a huge favourite among players of all skill levels, simply because a random multiplier could see players playing for far more than what they usually would.

This format which is known as the Jackpot Sit and Go’s over on Full Tilt and Spin & Go over at PokerStars is played in a super fast hyper blind structure and gives players just 500 starting chips. This means that the games are usually over extremely quickly, bringing quick FPP’s and of course the possibility to play for prize pools that are as much as 2,000 times the original outlay of the players.

They have proved to be extremely popular among everyone from recreational players to the very best online grinders around. They are perfectly suited to those that play mobile poker as they are over in no time at all. So whether you are on a lunch break or are in a waiting room, you can fit a couple of SNG’s in without any trouble at all.

Just to show how fun these Jackpot SNG tournaments are Evan “Gripsed” Jarvis who runs his own poker training website and YouTube channel has recorded a number of sessions of him playing the trending poker format.

In the first video he admittedly goes on tilt after losing all four of his SNG’s through some bad beats but in the second he goes some way to evening the score. He plays on four tables simultaneously in each of the videos, giving advice on how to play the format as he goes along.

Each of the videos is just around ten minutes long each so you can pick up some vital tips in a short space of time. Obviously, his first video shows him suffering with a bit of tilt but that is to be expected after the bad beats he suffered to lose the majority of the SNG’s.

The second video sees him enjoy much better fortune however, as he goes on to win three out of the four. Either way, both videos are extremely enjoyable and they show just how much fun can be had in Jackpot SNG’s.

If you like fast paced action, Jackpot SNG’s are the perfect option for you, especially as you are able to win prize pools that far outweigh what you bought into the events for.

Whilst the action is fast and many believe that these events are more of a lottery, many top professionals ensure that there is still sufficient room to pull off moves and have an edge against your opponents.