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GuangDong Asia Millions – Final Table Set

Sorel Mizzi playing liveIf there was a thorn in the side of the World Series Of Poker this year it is certainly the conception of the PokerStars GuangDong Asia Millions event that has been put on for the very first time. This event has kept a large selection of the world’s best players away from the WSOP due to the high buy-in and even higher rewards that are on offer.

Day 2 has just been completed with the 54 players that managed to navigate their way past Day 1 returning to the felt in order to try and make the final table of eight which is due to be played out tomorrow.

After an eventful day at the felt it was Sorel Mizzi that finished the day at the top of the chip counts with 21.7 million. He leads some big names in the world of poker such as Isaac Haxton, Igor Kurganov and Jeff Rossiter. The former of those actually controlled the final table for a large amount of time before going on a downward spiral and only just managing to make the money of the top eight.

With just the top eight getting paid, the bubble boy in this event would actually become the 3rd largest bubble boy in the history of poker. The unlucky player was Rono Lo who found himself as the short stack with just nine remaining and eventually decided to make a move with the Qc-10c.

However, such is life in poker that when you do make a move you run into a player with pocket aces, which was the case this time as his opponent Pratyush Buddiga made an easy call. He couldn’t crack the rockets and will have to go home with nothing.

The Remaining Eight!

Sorel Mizzi – 21,700,000

Zheng Tang – 20,000,000

Niklas Heinecker – 19,875,000

Jeff Rossiter – 14,925,000

Pratyush Buddiga – 14,100,000

Igor Kurganov – 14,000,000

Anson Tsang – 7,000,000

Isaac Haxton – 6,000,000

The payouts for any event that would keep players away from the start of the WSOP would have to be quite substantial, which is where this event certainly draws its attractants. The $130k buy-in event is only paying out the top eight players, with the minimum being $774,193 and maximum being $4,464,516.

The eight remaining players will now know they have made a profit and will be looking to take home as much as they can!

What The Top Eight Will Take Home!

1st – $4,464,516

2nd – $3,161,290

3rd – $2,077,419

4th- $1,616,129

5th – $1,316,129

6th – $1,070,967

7th – $922,580

8th – $774,193

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