Guillan Talks Penthouses, Massages & SCOOP

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PokerStars Team Pro Angel Guillan has recently written his latest blog for PokerStarsBlog in which he talks about what he did for this years Spring Championship of Online Poker. For such an online grind such as what the top players have to go through, many have their different ideals in how to get through that grind in the best frame of mind as possible.

He states that this time around he stayed with two fellow poker players in Mayu “marroca5” Roca and Matias “Festivuss” Gabrenja in a penthouse located in Mexico City.

“We ran amazingly well, too. I think we had eight or nine final tables between us, and made about $400,000 in profit altogether, perhaps even more. Mayu in particular did incredibly well, going very deep in a number of events and finishing runner-up in several. I made one final table, finishing third in Event #19-M ($215 NLHE Shootout, 6-Max.). Other players came around sometimes to play at the place, too, including Nacho Barbero who came during the last part of the series”.

He says that he has done many things during the SCOOP each year, usually choosing beach side locations to set the mood for him and his friends when trying to grind out some impressive results in the online tournament series.

“This time we decided to stay in the city and it was actually surprisingly relaxing, the neighborhood we picked was great, the best part was having friends there coming in and out and creating this very positive atmosphere in which to play. Every morning we’d have breakfast, do some yoga or go for a walk to get some exercise”.

He goes on to explain that they tried to make the whole series as relaxing as possible by having a hired massage therapist on hand made sure that they had three light meals everyday to keep their energy and concentration levels up.

He also mentions that he will not be taking in too many World Series of Poker events this time around due to it not really being profitable for him due to taxes. He might head over to Brazil instead to take in the latter parts of the World Cup.

For an interesting read you really should go and take in the full blog post. It really helps you to get in the minds of professional poker players and what they do to really make sure that they can play their best game at all times.