GUKPT Blackpool Day 1b – Trigg out in Front

a lot of poker chips

Yesterday, the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour in Blackpool was back for a second helping of sizzling action. In Day 1a we saw 71 players pull up a seat and grind it out with plenty of action and talking points that in the end left us with just 28 survivors to see out Day 2.

Day1b promised to deliver just as much entertainment, and as we expected it lived up to our expectations. A larger field of 155 players came surging through the doors ready to get their chance to join Day 1a’s remaining field for Day 2 that will kick off today.

It was another 9 levels of tough grind, leaving just 71 players to add to Day 1a’s 28 breaking through to guarantee their spot in Day 2. Sean McBride was in the action pushing into the 100,000 chip zone with four other players pushing through the six figure barrier in chips. In contrast, Day 1a only produced one six figure winner and that was Richard Pearson, who finished as the chip leader with a 100,150 chip stack. He’ll now start Day 2 in sixth place on the chip leader board, largely thanks to Day 1b’s larger field putting far more chips on the tables.

It will be Rick Trigg and his 120,600 chip stack that takes pole position for the next round of this GUKPT Blackpool event, while Charlie Denton creeps up behind him with 112,175 chips. Trigg was the first player to hit the rails, but he rebought and never looked back as he continued to take down pot after pot, learning from his online poker button clicking style of play when he rushed in prematurely for a double up in the early blind levels and got burnt.


Today they’ll all be vying for the £63,000 first place prize guaranteed to the winner, confirmed once registration closed off any new entrees giving the players a prize well worth the trip. On the side of this markedly distinguished event, there were also some cash games running creating an upbeat atmosphere as poker players flocked to what has been a long awaited event.

Today, Day 2 will bring 99 players back to the tables looking to break down their opponents and burst through the bubble to get into a cash spot. Further on we expect to have a pretty good idea of who will make it to the final table.

Day 1b’s Current Top 10

1st) Rick Trigg – 120,600

2nd) Charlie Denton – 112,175

3rd) Greg Garrett – 107,800

4th) Derek Leach – 102,200

5th) Sean McBride – 101,425

6th) Ian Simpson – 94,375

7th) Dewi James – 75,150

8th) Peter Charalambous – 74,050

9th) Lee Taylor – 72,475

10th Dan Pope – 70,925