GUKPT Blackpool Day 2 – John Haigh Takes Chip Lead

blackpool tower

As Day 1a and Day 1b produced some intense poker action yesterday it was time to move on to Day 2 and wean down the field. 16 players survived with John Haigh in command at the top of the chip leader board.

It turned out that the action was going to be tougher than everyone expected with the chip stacks fluctuating thanks to some cool headed plays and of course a few suck outs, with one particular hand standing out when there were quads versus a full house mentioned below.

So as the day moved on, rather than the usual flurry of eliminations beefing up the rail birds we saw a slow and steady number of exits. With the blind levels ticking up it was clear that Day 2 wasn’t going to produce our final 9, and instead we’ll have to hold tight for Day 3, which is the final day of what has been an outstanding event in Blackpool so far.

91 players were at the felts to start the day, and the GUKPT steamed through 9 levels producing most of the action once the bubble had burst. Prior to the money, the field tightened up with the short stacks happy to just sit back and wait for that final squeeze confirming their spot in the pay-out zone.

The had actually got off to a rushing start, and at that point it looked certain we were going to get to the bubble in no time. However, 5 spots off the money and the gears were turned into slow motion. Surprisingly, after some slow play and plenty of folds, it took just 1 hand to eliminate 5 players across the room to reach bubble, which was ironically completely against the run of play.

Probably the biggest talking point was when Brit John Haigh took the lead in Day 2 of the GUKPT Blackpool when he smashed Jamie O’Connor’s full house, which to him looked a hand that was sure to see him add to his stack, but Haigh probably couldn’t believe his luck as he’d hit quads at the same time. It was the perfect moment to take all his opponent’s chips and take the top spot on the chip leader board to go into Day 3.

Day 2’s Current Top 10

1st) John Haigh – 675,000

2nd) Dean Swift – 498,000

3rd) John Miller – 392,000

4th) Caicai Huang – 389,000

5th) Dan Pope – 346,500

6th) Derek Leach – 292,000

7th) Rick Trigg – 239,000

8th) Kev Steele – 234,500

9th) Dahe Liu – 231,500

10th) Adam Forsyth – 230,000

Top 9 Pay-Outs

1st) – £63,000

2nd) – £43,000

3rd) – £27,600

4th) – £16,400

5th) – £12,400

6th) – £10,200

7th) – £7,900

8th) – £6,200

9th) – £4,600