GUKPT Blackpool Day 3 – Trigg Edges Out Haigh For Title

Blackpool beach

Day 3 at the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour saw the final 16 players return to the felt in order to play down until we had a worthy champion. That man on the day was Rick Trigg after he successfully navigated his way to the final table before coming out on top against John Haigh to claim the title.

Both players walked away with the same amount however after the agreed a full half split on the prize pool once they reached heads up. This meant there was just a seat at the grand final and a shiny trophy to play out for.

Heads up lasted just 45 minutes before Haigh attempted a rather ambitious bluff and although he got his opponent thinking it was eventually called. He was holding the 2s-4s and had bet out on most streets before the river of a board of 7d-3d-6c-Ah-9d meant he missed his straight draw and caused him to bluff at it anyway. Trigg was holding the 7c-9h and had two pair but it still took a lot of consideration before he made that call.

Others that made the final table but couldn’t go on to take the title included John Miller, Kyle Hendry and Dan Pope though they will all surely be more than satisfied with their respective payouts.

Trigg will be delighted with his decision to buy back into the event after busting out on Day 1b, turning that double expense into a very nice profit indeed.

The Final Standings

1st) Rick Trigg – £53,000

2nd) John Haigh – £53,000

3rd) John Miller – £27,600

4th) Caicai Huang – £16,400

5th) Kyle Hendry – £12,400

6th) Majid Khan – £10,200

7th) Kev Steele – £7,900

8th) Adam Forsyth – £6,200

9th) Dan Pope – £4,600

10th) Syed Zaidi – £3,900

The action at the final table was the same high class poker that had been witnessed throughout this and every other GUKPT event, further proving why it is one of the most popular local tours here in the UK.

The players will now be looking ahead to the Grand Final in London on the 18th of this month, an event that Trigg has just claimed free entry into for his wonderful performance here. We will be following the action there so make sure you stay tuned with us in about a week’s time.