GUKPT Bolton Main Event: Clarke turns £500 into £20,000

American dollars

133 players found it worthwhile to pay the £500 buy-in for a chance of winning the first prize worth £20,000, but only Michael Clarke accomplished that. The tournament lasted for three days but the final table was decided in only six hours, with Clarke being in the spotlight from the beginning till the end.

He started with a decently high stack and further increased it by sending home Martin Hogarty with pocket tens against his opponent’s A-K. He won the coin flip and for a brief period of time Michael was the chip leader, but Todd Robinson came strongly from behind and caused the elimination of two players to take the lead. Liam Batey shoved his chips with top pair but ran into Todd’s set, while James Conway went all in with pocket threes against two over cards but his small pair didn’t hold.

By this time it was obvious that Michael Clarke and Todd Robinson were favourites to play the heads up and both of them increased their lead over the field in the next two hours. Todd continued his rampage with yet another successful run, this time against Kerry O’Connor who was unlucky to lose his entire stack at the end of a coin flip.

Michael took advantage of Don Alpert’s desperation and when his opponent pushed his chips into the middle to survive the fast rising blinds, he snap called him. After Don was sent to the rail, Alan McLean shared his fate at the end of a memorable hand. He didn’t realise that he was drawing dead and when he made his straight flush on the river, he went all-in unaware that Clarke made a royal flush.

This propelled Michael to the top and after him and Todd split Mark Dyson’s chip, the stage was set for the heads up race with Clarke starting as slight favourites. The hand that decided the victor was pocket eights against A-9 and Michael’s pair held all the way to the river. Robinson received a bit over £14,000, while Clarke joined his father as winner of the GUKPT Main Event, five years after Bryan prevailed in Blackpool. He will have another chance to outshine his dad later this month when GUKPT moves to Ricoh Arena in Coventry for the Goliath tournament.

Meanwhile, check out the payouts at the GUKPT Main Event:

  1. Michael Clarke – £20,000
  2. Todd Robinson – £14,140
  3. Mark Dyson – £8,810
  4. Alan McLean – £5,480
  5. Don Alpert – £4,330
  6. Kerry O’Connor – £3,320
  7. James Conway – £2,660
  8. Liam Batey – £2,000
  9. Martin Hogarty – £1,500