GUKPT Goliath Largest Non-US Tournament

London, UK

Whilst the PokerStars European Poker Tour were celebrating the breaking many a record at their Season 11 opener over in Barcelona, a local event here also achieved record breaking fields.

The Grosvenor UK & Ireland Poker Tour Goliath event held at the Grosvenor Casino in Coventry a few weeks back attracted the largest field for a poker tournament to be held outside of the United States. It brought in 3,394 players each paying £120 beating the previous record of 2,732 at the recent Beijing Millions.

As you can see, it did not just beat the record but absolutely smashed it.

The event was eventually won by Ryan Foster and he took home £62,120 for his efforts after beating Mark Adams heads up for the title who claimed £40,700 for his runner up finish. By the time the two reached heads up it was already going to be an uphill struggle for Adams who had more than three times less chips than the eventual champion.

The final hand saw Adams shove all his chips into the middle with the 7s-6s which attracted a call from Foster with the Qh-7h. The writing was on the wall when the first card of the flop made the hand of Foster even stronger when the Qc-3h-Js fell and the As and 4h on the turn and river were the final nails in the coffin.

The event was an obvious success and it just shows the strength of poker in the United Kingdom right now. This already has us looking forward to next year’s Goliath event to see whether it can yet again go on to break records.

We have included the final standings in the record breaking event below and whilst they are not the figures you will see on the major tours, they are still significant payouts for a a buy-in of just over one hundreds pounds.

How It Finished

1st) Ryan Foster – £62,120

2nd) Mark Adams – £40,700

3rd) Neville Price – £27,140

4th) Arjun Ruparel – £18,990

5th) Rodrigo Hernandez – £13,570

6th) Mihaly Jancso – £8,820

7th) Adam Nice – £5,430

8th) Phil Stein – £3,390

9th) Liam Horton – £2,710

The next GUKPT event is to be held in Leeds on the 7th of September and whilst it is not expected to break any records, a large field should certainly be interested in taking part.