GUKPT Grand Final Day 2 – Kellett Leads 13


GUKPT events are usually full of high drama but this one was literally brimming with action as we saw 40 of the survivors eliminated within the first four levels. Then as the event reached the eighth level we were already at the bubble which in itself only lasted 20 minutes before we knew the 28 players that would be leaving this event with some sort of profit.

In the end there were just 13 players remaining with Richard Kellett being found at the top of the chip counts. He had accumulated 1,475,500 throughout the event thus far and finished up ahead of the likes of Matt Davenport, Zimnan Ziyard and defending champion Sam Grafton in the top ten.


With so many eliminations on Day 2, there were bound to be some big names heading for the exit signs. We lost the likes of Sergio Aido, Neil Raine, Simon Deadman, Ana Marquez and Nicolas Cardyn throughout the day, with each of those names certainly not looking out of place on any given final table.


The remaining 13 will be returning again at 1pm GMT in order to play down until we have the new GUKPT Grand Final winner here in London. Be sure to pop back to see us again so that you can be let in on who that new champion is whilst you can discover who played well but did not do quite enough to take home the title.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Richard Kellett – 1,475,500

2nd) Matt Davenport – 1,020,000

3rd) Sam Grafton – 795,500

4th) Rudolf Fourie – 692,000

5th) Scott Margerson – 603,500

6th) Ben Jackson – 508,000

7th) Zimnan Ziyard – 489,500

8th) Will Kassouf – 484,000

9th) Pratik Ghatge – 480,000

10th) Thomas Bichon – 423,000


What They Are Playing For

1st) £158,700

2nd) £105,800

3rd) £70,600

4th) £41,200

5th) £31,700

6th) £25,900

7th) £20,000

8th) £15,600

9th) £11,100

10th) £8,000

11th – £7,400

12th – £7,400

13th – £7,400