GUKPT Luton Day 3 – Reynolds Claims Victory

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We mentioned in an article yesterday that there has been plenty of tournament poker action in the UK this month and whilst the bigger tours are now finished with, we still have a couple of smaller events to report on.

One of those is the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, which has just revealed its champion on their current stop in Luton.

That winner was Adam Reynolds who scooped £53,500 for his title win yesterday, the biggest score of his career so far. He certainly did not have it easy though having started the day in 5th place among the 16 that began the day. He also had to overcome the biggest name in the field in EPT Loutraki Main Event winner Zimnan Ziyard who began the day with a huge chip stack that was more than double anyone else’s.

Reynolds did not waste time at increasing his own chip count however and by the time we had lost half of the field he was sitting in 3rd place. Once that final table began, Reynolds did not look like slowing down and was responsible for the first final table elimination of Vaidas Siriunas.

That elimination was the first in a quick succession of eliminations and we were soon down to just the final five players that would battle it out for the title. After that however, it took another two hours until someone else was to fall.

That man was Richard Pipe but it was the bustout after him that was the big one as Zimnan Ziyard fell in 4th place after being eliminated by Reynolds. This elimination was followed in the very next hand by another as Panny Ellinas was sent home in third place.

This left the final two of Reynolds and Phil Corion on almost equal chip counts and it was not long before they discussed a chop of the prize pool. They agreed to keep it equal and took home £50,000 before leaving just £3,500 to play for.

As soon as heads up began, Reynolds started chipping away at his opponents stack and it was not too long before he found himself with a substantial lead. This forced his opponent into pushing all-in when holding the Qd-10d which was called by Reynolds and his Ad-4d.

The board came down without any scares for Reynolds with the 3c-Kh-4c-8d-Jc securing him victory and his largest career win so far.

The Final Standings

1st) Adam Reynolds – £53,500 (d)

2nd) Phil Corion – £50,000 (d)

3rd) Panny Ellinas – £25,600

4th) Zimnan Ziyard – £16,700

5th) Richard Pipe – £11,300

6th) Todd Cairns – £8,600

7th) Gabrielle Carter – £6,800

8th) Carlo Citrone – £5,400

9th) Vaidas Siriunas – £4,600