Gus Hansen cuts 2013 losses with victory over KPR

Gus Hansen is widely regarded as one of the best poker players in the world, equally competitive at live and online tables. 2013 has been a terrible year for the Danish player, who lost millions of dollars over the Internet, while competing at nosebleed stakes. October seems to be a much better month for Gus who recently won $113,000 from KPR16, following an 18 hour marathon.

Hansen warmed up at $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables playing another promising young European poker player, Nicklas Heinecker from Germany who uses the “ragen70” screen name. In a little over four hours, Hansen won in excess of $50,000 and after a brief break he took on KPR16 in a game of 2k/$4k FLO8. The American poker professional has won a lot of money this month from European peers, so nobody expected this session to be a walk in the park for Gus Hansen.

13 hours later, the Danish emerged victorious and bagged a profit of $140k but this was anything but a smooth ride, with Hansen being down $400,000 at one point. For most of the time he trailed his opponent by six digit numbers and only briefly crossed the profitability line, but the end of the session saved the day. It looked like the marathon would end undecided as the two players broke even after 11 hours, but everything changed in the last 400 hands.

Gus Hansen finally took the lead and increased his starting stack by a healthy $150,000, only losing small chunks but never falling below $100k. KPR16 gave him a run for his money and despite the fact that when the session ended Hansen was $113,000 up, it is only fair to say that the game could’ve gone either way. At some point, the Danish player thought that a $2k/$4k 2-7 TD table would be a welcomed diversion and found his former opponent Nicklas Heinecker more than willing to accommodate.

This time things didn’t go his way and whether fatigue took its toll or luck suddenly deserted Hansen, he lost $30,000 in four hands. Gus did the right thing by accepting the loss and leaving the table, while the German had to settle for slightly lower limits to compete against Alex Luneau. That was also an inspired decision, because the young German professional won more than $100,000, which makes him the second most successful player of the day.

Here are the four most successful players of the day:

Gus Hansen – $139.600

“ragen70” – $87.000

“punting-peddler” – $70.500

“Trueteller” – $66.100