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Gus Hansen’s Full Tilt Return Not Been So Good So Far

Gus Hansen’s Full Tilt Return Not Been So Good So Far

Before Full Tilt Poker was shut down under the previous ownership, Gus Hansen had enjoyed an almost majestic run of form which saw him net an amazing $6 million in the early part of 2011. However, the site was shut down and it put paid to his fantastic upswing.

Ever since then he has spent a lot less time playing poker both online and offline, though he did take down an $800k win at the Aussie Millions whilst he also did take part in quite a few high stakes cash games over in Macau.

He returned to poker during the summer and was regularly seen at the high stakes tables over at PokerStars, where he started to ply his trade at his favourite poker variations such as Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw. His return was not too successful as he dropped around $1.1 million since then.

The Return Of Full Tilt!

During his comeback it was announced that PokerStars had acquired the assets of FTP and would be re-launching the site on the 6th of November, with him quickly being signed up as one of the “Professionals” for the site.

He would have been hoping that the form he left at the site some 18 months ago would be there waiting for him as he returned, but that has not been the case. He has in fact lost a massive $711k in the week since it has been running again.

Yesterday saw him lose $323k in sessions on the 207 Triple Draw tables against opponents such as “Seb86” and “O Fortuna PLS”. This means he has been on a downswing of around $1.8 million in total, with him surely looking to recoup as much of that as possible over the coming weeks.

Both PokerStars and Full Tilt had much quieter days at the high stakes tables yesterday with there only being a handful of notable winners. The biggest winner was in fact “Seb86” who took down a profit of $286k with most being from Hansen.

The rest of the days winners were stuck around the $100k mark, which is still a large amount of money for most of us.

The biggest pot of the day went to “IReadYrSoul” as he battered the A-Q of “patpatman” with his pocket kings to take the pot of $152.3k.

The Day’s Biggest Winners Yesterday!

Seb86 +$247.7k

O Fortuna PLS +$104.4k

26071985 +$86.2k

calvin7v +$80.1k

It will be interesting to see if Hansen can in fact pull back some of his losses during the next few weeks, with us regularly following the high stakes action to be able to let you know just who is winning and of course who is losing.




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