Gus Hansen suffers another major loss

EV02_25K Heads Up

Gus Hansen is widely regarded as one of the best live poker players in the world and few are disputing his online skills. 2013 has been a terrible year for the Danish player who is now inching closer to setting a negative record, by losing almost $10 million in a single year. A couple of days ago, he won $140,000 playing 2-7 Triple Draw poker and it looked like his luck was about to change.

Unfortunately for him, this was not the case because yesterday he lost a staggering amount to a professional poker player from Germany “Kagome Kagome”. The pair sat down at the same 2-7 Triple Draw tables but in this case, it took Hansen just 4 1/2 hours to lose $547,000.

Once his session with “Kagome Kagome” ended, Gus refused to call it a day and accept these losses, so several hours later he challenged the German again, this time at $2k/$4k limits. The second 2-7 Triple Draw poker didn’t go much better and although Hansen briefly rose above the profitability line, his surge was short-lived. At one time, he was $150,000 up but he couldn’t hold on to his narrow advantage and his opponent fired back, leaving Hansen to deal with the loss of almost $900,000 at the end of the day.

The two poker professionals played mostly alone, but at one point another Full Tilt Poker professional join the game, although for only 20 minutes. Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen had played a couple of hands earlier that day, but after some ample swings the two players broke even. During this brief encounter, Gus lost $50,000 to “Isildur1″ and the Swedish player quietly left the stage.

Other poker professionals who made some easy money at the expense of Hansen were “cottonseed1” and KPR16, who played mostly limit Hi/Lo. “KPR16” won a six digit amount once again which made him the second most successful player of the day, behind “Kagome Kagome”. “cottonseed1” didn’t win that much from Gus Hansen, but he was lucky to enjoy a lopsided poker session against Viktor Blom, stripping the northern European of $100,000 in less than half an hour.