Hansen and Blom crushed nosebleed limits this week

Gus Hansen

November has been a great month for Viktor Blom and the last couple of days saw the Swede winning a few hundreds of thousands more. Meanwhile, Gus Hansen’s swing continue, but at least this week, the “Great Dane” raked six digit profits. Elsewhere, German poker professional Niklas Heineker continues to crush high stakes and has recently scooped almost half a million dollars playing mostly NL Hold’em.

He goes by the nickname of “ragen70” and as a result of dominating the nosebleed limits in the second half of the year, his profits in 2013 climbed above $4.6 million. Phil Galfond and “bbvisbadforme” are among the successful players this month, with the two of them winning a combined $520.000. Phil didn’t play online poker for more than a month, but his comeback was impressive and in less than five hours he won almost $300k from Blom, Hansen, Kagome Kagome and Heineker.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we find Alexander Kostritsyn and “Denoking”, with the former being the biggest loser in November. He lost $586,323 in 59 sessions, while Kyle “KPR16” Ray suffered a loss of $151k recently, but he won more than a million in the previous sessions, so it is not a big deal for him. “Denoking” was mildly successful against “bbvisbadforme” but all that he accomplished was to hurt his opponent’s profit margin, without offsetting his own loses.

“Isildur1″ was the main beneficiary of Kostritsyn’s meltdown, as he stripped him of a $177k at mixed game tables, with Alex losing the rest of the amount playing No Limit Texas and Omaha. Gus Hansen chose to compete at 2-7 Triple Draw and FLO8 tables, but unlike previous sessions that ended in significant loses for the Danish player, this recent one was a massive success.

His opponents were Kagome Kagome and KPR16, both of them winning significant amounts off Hansen earlier this month. The German was the first to bow to Gus in a morning session and lost nearly $100k, with KPR16 waiting at the FLO8 tables. He didn’t have much success either, as the Dane continued his surge and took an early lead, only to see it vanish before his eyes. Hansen fired back in the last part of session and in 215 hands he won $42,000, taking his total profits to $136k.

These four players were the biggest winners of the day:

Isildur1 – $177.1k

Gus Hansen – $136.4k

yurasov1990 – $75.4k

DrugsOrMe – $70.6k