Hansen Busts out on Sunday’s Profits

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen has been having an on and off year, but for the most part it has been an off one. Sunday was a great day for the Dane as he took away a $301,000 win from the Fixed Limit Omaha Eight-or-Better tables, and he was back on the virtual felts yesterday grinding on the same tables in an effort to capitalise on his weekend’s good fortune.

Hansen started as he left off with a $40,000 profit playing Deuce to Seven Triple Draw and Omaha Eight or better, which was the style that brought him so much good fortune the day before. After he’d plundered the tables continuing on his upswing, he moved over to showdown versus Kyle “KPR16″ Ray that resulted in a massive three and a half hour session that saw Hansen run into a deep downswing to the tune of a 6 figures in the wrong direction.

Ray was in command pretty much all the way through the heads-up match winning $411,000 from Hansen’s bad fortune, that seems to have followed him around for the most part of 2013. The loss was substantial and just added to Hansen’s woes as he crawled further into the red. However, he managed to recoup some of his losses as the pair met again later in the day with Ray hoping that he could snatch some more from Hansen, who was clearly having a bad run of things. Though, this time Hansen was back on the up, and so after just 26 minutes Ray was handing back $69,000 worth of his $411,000 win.

Right at that moment when Hansen was just beginning to look back on top of his game, the match swiftly ended leaving Hansen still nursing a huge loss in the grand scheme of things.

Niklas “ragen70″ Heinecker was next in line, and Hansen was on fire back to his old Sunday self. He took a massive $200,000 lead playing $2,000/$4,000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw pushing back most of his day’s deficit. However, the lead was just the beginning of what would turn out to be a three hour grind that saw Heinecker change gears to claw back almost half of his early losses versus the Dane. It was still not a bad session for Hansen as he’d made back $110,000 to add to the $69,000 from his second match versus Ray. Add an early morning $40,000 to both those results and his $411,000 loss from an ill-fated session versus Ray was cut in half.

Hansen still managed to crash and burn in other games throughout the day and his $300,000 win from Sunday was wiped out with a $391,116 loss putting him down over two days’ worth of hard grinding that resulted in less than a fruitful outcome with fourteen sessions, 1,813 hands played and $90,118 drop further into red. His yearly losses now stand at $7,472,553.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Poker Profits

1st “KPR16” $334,685

2nd “SanIker” $157,502

3rd “YurNas” $116,046

4th “ragen70” $83,918

5th “WCG|Rider” $62,196

Yesterday’s Top 5 Poker Losses

“Gus Hansen” (-$391,116)

“Denoking” (-$157,608)

“takechip” (-$118,064)

“Trueteller” (-$58,426)

“valeri3333 (-$54,938)