Hansen Drops Close To $1 Million At High Stakes

Different month, same story for Gus Hansen. So far this week he had been on fire at the tables, collecting profits of more than a million, yet yesterday he threw most of it away in a huge session. The ironic thing is that we have seen all of this before, exactly the same thing happened in December.

He played for a total of fourteen hours online at Full Tilt Poker, with him losing massive amounts to both “Alexonmoon” and “SallyWoo”.

During this time he dropped $164k when up against “Seb86” in a small ninety minute session at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. He then went on to play “Alexonmoon” for a thirteen hour stint at the tables in which he lost $364k. It could have been a whole lot worse too as he was even further down to “Alexonmoon” for most of the session yet managed to claw a lot back.

Also during that session Hansen decided to sit at a $2,000/$4,000 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo table, with “SallyWoo” being the opponent to sit at his table. This particular session lasted around eight hours, with Hansen taking a complete bashing as he dropped $520k to his opponent.

That put his losses for the day at $953.6k, with an $88k win a little earlier against “SallyWoo” being the difference of him losing over a million. This also stopped “SallyWoo” from being the days highest earner and eclipsing the half a million mark.

The day’s biggest winner was in fact the other player who took a substantial amount from Hansen, “Alexonmoon” recording profits of $452.6k. He also took around $100k from another players who is suffering recently, with “Isildur1” again being one of the days strugglers. In total he dropped $411k over the course of a few sessions against players like “Sauce1234” and “PostFlopAction”.

Other winners on the day included “patpatpanda” who secured profits of $398.6k on the $200/$400 tables, whilst “davin77” won most of his $252.9k profit when p against “Poker_KaMI”.

The Biggest Profits!

Alexonmoon – (+$452.6k)

SallyWoo – (+$434.6k)

patpatpanda – (+$398.6k)

PostFlopAction – (+$368.9k)

It has been non-stop excitement on the high stakes tables at both Full Tilt and PokerStars since the turn of the year, with players literally winning and losing millions every week it seems. It is certainly going to be a roller coaster ride throughout the rest of 2013. That is one ride that we are looking forward to keeping you updated on, so always check back with us if you need to stay in touch with the action.


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