Hansen drops while “Rui Cao” wins $292k

Gus Hansen

Yesterday’s high stakes online poker drew out heavy action on the Pot-Limit Omaha tables where there were 2 players dropping 6 figures into the red and 3 big winners all grinding  remarkable 6 figure profits.

It was Gus Hansen, who once again had to end the day with another blow out performance losing $440,444 on the $500/$1000 CAP Pot Limit Hold’em tables. However, he did manage to pull some of his PLO losses back winning $130,976 on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables. In all styles he finished the day with a -$309,468 deficit to bring his yearly losses on Full Tilt Poker up to a bewildering $7,506,301 after 158,608 hands played in 2013. That $309k loss left Hansen with the second biggest drop of the day.

Doug “WCGRider” Polk was also on the losing end of the PLO games sending $293,735 in the wrong direction. To make matters worse his losses were compiled even further with a $38,383 run into the red, playing Hold’em leaving him in a worse position than Hansen by the day’s end. Overall though, Polk can rest safe in the knowledge that he’s still in profit for the year with $531,736 going his way so far. A yearly performance Hansen would no doubt quite happily swap with Polk.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“WCGRider” (-$332,118)

Gus Hansen” (-$309,468)

“Isildur1” (-$92,663)

“ragen70” (-$66,879)

“mikki696” (-$59,415)

On the brighter side of the action, “Rui Cao” was heating up as the day progressed, and he ended with a massive plus $292,368. Most of that came from Polk’s downswings on the PLO tables. In fact “Rui Cao” remained firmly planted in his favourite style for the whole day, playing all 3,453 hands in PLO. Prior to today’s big victory, he was heading toward the $1 million drop zone, but thanks to a great day, his 2013 losses have been softened to just a $451,428 shortfall to beat down as the year draws to a close.

Two more 6 figure winners were responsible for Hansen having such a bad day at the tables. So, back to the $500/$1000 CAP Pot Limit Omaha action, and Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene was ripping up the virtual felts, chipping out large chunks of cash from Hansen. Soon these 2 were joined by the day’s eventual second biggest winner “no_Ola”, who came in and carved a $261,000 profit from Hansen’s bankroll, as if things weren’t bad enough already. By the time the trio quit after 2 and a half hours play, Hansen had also handed over $161,000 to Tollerene.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Rui Cao” $292,368

2nd “no_Ola” $261,029

3rd “Bttech86” $179,224

4th “BLUFFLLO” $58,032

5th “Denoking” $38,237

For Hansen, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw has seen him drop $2,435,576 in 2013, while the lion’s share of his losses have come from Omaha. On the Omaha Eight-or-Better tables he’s lost $4,017,605, and Pot Limit Omaha has seen him misplace $1,468,555. You have to wonder where he has made a profit. It’s in the 8-Game Mix, where he’s currently showing off a $415,434 upswing.

So far it’s up and down for the Dane, and now it’s all about just how big is his bankroll as he continues to slide downwards at Full Tilt Poker’s hardened cash games in another day of destructive nosebleed action.