Hansen Fires Home another Profit

Gus Hansen

It’s not easy when you are talking about Gus Hansen’s online poker escapades since his upswings are always met with a slight cringe, wondering when his profitable plays will eventually turn back into disaster.

It’s been one of those of years for the Dane and something none of us want to see happening to such cool player who has done so much for poker. Well at least today’s news will put a smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that he pulled off an amazing $145,166 victory profit to go with his $96,443 profit from the day, before deleting a $202,176 loss the day before that. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t help the fact that he’s already down $978,626 this month after just 11 days, and this year has produced what is currently a $7,345,259 deficit.

It doesn’t look any better when we look at his losses since Full Tilt reopened under the Rationale Group, which is PokerStars’ parent company. Since that day Hansen has lost $10,549,798. That’s considering he was around $2 million up at that time. All in all, that puts him somewhere in the region of $8,500,000 in the red zone.

On a brighter note he was in the money yesterday. He began with etching out $46,000 from the very tough Ben “Bttech86″ Tollerene in just over 60 minutes of play, playing the highly volatile Pot Limit Omaha tables at $500/$1000 CAP stakes. After a successful run he moved to Blom hunting territory playing Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, but Blom was not seen on the same tables as Gus. Hansen rinsed one $2,000/$4,000 table for $137,000, but in a second session running alongside this one, he was losing $130,000 only coming out of his duel session showdowns $7,000 better off.

It was Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn that got the better of the two tables winning a total profit of $147,000 at one table and $12,000 at the other. Both table profits for Hansen and Kostritsyn where at the expense of Niklas “ragen70″ Heinecker, who was left nursing a $140,000 loss. However, there was light at the end of the tunnel for Hansen as he returned to the tables to win $100,000 from Kostritsyn and Heinecker, also joined by “Rui Cao” as well as “Kagome Kagome”.

Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn came out losing pretty much his entire profit from the previous session, handing most of that over to another day with a profitable Gus Hansen.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was also in the money continuing his good form with a $142,866 win. Although that statement wouldn’t count for his current month’s play as he is $226,298 in the red, but on a yearly outlook he’s the second highest online earner with $3,324,945 just behind Niklas “ragen70″ Heinecker on $3,872,470, despite Heinecker’s losses today.

Yesterdays Top 5 Profits

1st “Gus Hansen” $145,166

2nd “Isildur1” $142,866

3rd “w00ki3z.” $74,524

4th “Rui Cao” $71,812

5th “GVOZDIKA55” $40,703

Yesterdays Top 5 Losses

“ragen70” (-$161,170)

“kagome kagome” (-$91,062)

“Lottenice” (-$80,433)

“punting-peddler” (-$55,122)

“zanyzeng” (-$52,678)