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Hansen Keeps his Winning Streak Online

Gus HansenGus Hansen is making a comeback, but his score wasn’t as big as his $800k plus win a day ago. He settled up at the end of the day with $130,900 as the third highest profit of the day.

Kyle “KPR16” Ray took back all of his losses from the previous day with the highest profit online for Wednesday’s play. He had fallen back $34,616, but yesterday’s performance saw him take $162,900, which was just enough to beat “Odd_Olsen’s” $147,900 profit at the end of the day.

For “KPR16” it was a better than average day as he has not been having a good run after suffering some heavy losses. He was playing on the $2000/$4000 tables at FLO8 and took a nice amount of cash back from Gus Hansen, who had won a fair whack from Ray the day before in the 2-7 triple Draw tables. Hansen ended up surrendering $55,000 in the afternoon, and, later Ray came up against the aggressive Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Blom was out of pocket on this occasion, and out player losing $108,000 in just 90 minutes against Kyle “KPR16” Ray.

Blom just won the SCOOP Main Event, and so coming in to lose a large chunk of cash back at the tables probably came as a shock as a result of his over confidence. “Isildur1” ended up losing $207,860 for the day further depleting his 2013 profit so far. At one point this month he was up almost $4 million, but after a string of losses in what looks like a big downswing for the SCOOP champ, he now has $2,714,965, trailing “PostflopAction’s” $2,714,965 and “cottonseed1’s” $2,995,640. This month “Isildur1” is a massive loser so far dropping $430,088.

This month’s big winners

1st – “cottonseed1” – $1,391,286 (Full Tilt Poker)

2nd – “trex313” – $1,065,599 (Full Tilt Poker)

3rd – “Bttech86” – $771,009 (Full Tilt Poker)

4th – “ragen70” – $696,477 (Full Tilt Poker)

5th – “Gus Hansen” – $691,341 (Full Tilt Poker)

This month’s big losers

1st – “KPR16” – $877,224 (Full Tilt Poker)

2nd – “OMGClayAiken” – $789,538 (Full Tilt Poker)

3rd – “Polarizing” – $742,158 (Full Tilt Poker)

4th – “samrostan” – $707,144 (Full Tilt Poker)

5th – “kagome kagome” – $632,598 (Full Tilt Poker)

Over on the PokerStars cash tables “Odd_Oddsen’s” run was looking more and more positive. He was up against versus Doug “WCGRider” Polk. They had 16 tables open at the height of their session, which is insane considering the concentration this must take playing at high stakes. Oddsen ended up the winner overall with a profit of $147,900, by the time the session was up.

The Day’s Biggest Winners

1st – “KPR16” – $162,936 (Full Tilt Poker)

2nd – “Odd_Oddsen – $147,942 (PokerStars)

3rd – “Gus Hansen” – $130,879 (Full Tilt Poker)

4th – “CaII_911” – $108,040 (Full Tilt Poker)

5th – “cottonseed1” – $106,619 (Full Tilt Poker)

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