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Tim Hartmann Takes Down The Irish Winter Festival

Tim Hartmann Takes Down The Irish Winter Festival

The Irish Winter Festival has been running along nicely throughout the past couple of days and it ended up with Tim Hartmann becoming the champion and winner of the first price cheque of €100,000. He did not have it easy though as field included some very big name players.

With the WSOP Main event being concluded it was no real surprise that this event didn’t get too much attention throughout the week, though it would only be right to bring you all what happened on the last days play.

The event in Dublin saw 19 players returning for the final day’s worth of action at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, with those remaining players hoping to establish themselves on the final table. The final table went on for around a huge 12 hours in the Irish capital, with the German Hartmann already commanding a massive lead when they first sat down.

Players he came up against on that final table included recognised pros Jay O’Toole, Julian Thew and the ever aggressive Ronan Giligan. Thew was the second biggest stack going into the final table and he proved to be a real threat the whole way through the final table.

The Final Table!

Despite the big names that we mentioned who were on the table, it was actually the Polish professional Patryk Pietnoczko who would prove to be the biggest thorn in Hartmann’s side. It was in fact Pietnoczko who would be his heads up opponent and despite going in to that session with a 6-1 disadvantage he clawed it all back and actually edged in front at one point.

It didn’t last too long though as Hartmann gradually pulled the lead back and surged back in front to take another big lead. Eventually the final hand occurred when both players got all of their chips into the middle, Hartmann holding A-4 and Pietnoczko holding an A-8.

Things looked good for the former initially and right up until the river, however the one card dropped that could lose him the hand…the four. This meant that Hartmann was now the champion of the Irish Winter Festival and took home that glorious 100k cheque just for good measure.

The Final Standings!

1. Tim Hartmann – €100,000

2. Patryk Pietnoczko – €56,500

3. Ronan Gilligan – €35,000

4. Julian Thew – €28,350

5. Marc McDonnell – €22,300

6. Jay O’Toole – €18,300

7. Daniele Nestola – €14,400

8. Ahmed Eydan – €11,400

9. Trevor Dineen – €8,400

Make sure you keep coming back for all the results and action from the biggest poker tournaments across the world, if it’s worth watching its worth us writing about.





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