Haxton Appears on the Joe Rogan Podcast (vid)

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We all knew it was coming but we were just not quite sure when it would be. Well it finally has as the Joe Rogan Podcast with PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton has now been made available for all to see.

This all began during a debate started by fellow PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu about whether poker commentary should be heavily analysis based or more beginner friendly. Haxton disagreed with Negreanu and felt that commentary should educate the viewers with regards to poker.

That debate finished up with Haxton tweeting his admiration for Joe Rogan, a popular commentator for the UFC:


Then before he knew it, Haxton was being lined up to appear on the Joe Rogan Podcast, something that he was obviously delighted about. It was also a popular decision, as many poker players and fans lined up to congratulate Haxton for being selected to do the podcast.


Fast forward six months and that podcast has finally been made. The three hour podcast sees Haxton team up with his all time favourite sports commentator to talk about poker, his life and future.Sporting his PokerStars patch with pride he helps both Rogan and the viewers understand the game that he consistently excels in.

He also manages to successfully speak about the game in such a manner that people that are not so familiar with the game would understand easier. You have to remember that the majority that will watch this podcast will be UFC fans rather than that of poker. Haxton answers all of the questions thoughtfully, intelligently, shows a lighter personality and gets his point across very well. At one point he explains just why poker is a game of skill that has elements of luck rather than the other way around, something that Rogan is quite shocked about as he always assumed that the best players will always win the tournaments.

We highly recommend watching the podcast as there is loads of useful information to be had from it. It might be three hours long but it is well worth it, especially if you are fairly new to the game and are after a bit of wisdom from a player that has over $9 million in career earnings.  

The podcast has been well received from by poker and UFC fans respectively and we are pretty sure you will love it too.

You can see from the podcast that Haxton really had a great time and you have to hand it to him as he will probably have even brought a few new players to the game. This kind of thing is excellent exposure for the game of poker, a podcast with an unfamiliar audience who will now be all the more wiser about a game that they might not have considered playing before.