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Haxton’s Happy Hours On PokerStars

shutterstock_37627897Although there are literally millions of poker players in the world, very few will ever reach the point where they are able to play against top name pros for astronomical sums of money. Still, this is nearly every amateur poker player’s dream – to sit at a table with the legends of the game. And of course, to win. The online poker room PokerStars may not be giving amateurs a million dollar bankroll to take on the pros, but they have come up with a way to do the next best thing – give the players a chance to play with the icons of the game. The first manifestation of this project is through a promotion called Haxton’s Happy Hours, which pits typical lower stakes players against Isaac Haxton, regarded as one of the top online professionals.

The Haxton’s Happy Hours promotion has a simple premise. For a week starting with 4 March, Haxton will be sitting at lower stakes tables with buy-ins ranging from $7 to as low as $1.50. These tables will be open to the public, meaning anyone can sit down and test their mettle against Haxton, who plays under the “philivey2694″ screen name. Each table will be in the head’s up sit and go format, which means that Haxton and his opponent will each put up a single buy-in and will play until one of the two has amassed all the chips in play. It should be stated that head’s up play is clearly Haxton’s forte and he has played an estimated more than 1 million hands in the format. A full schedule of the hours that Haxton will be online can be found at the official PokerStars website.

For those unaware of who Haxton is, it is quite an understatement to say that he is just a professional player. Haxton has won several major tournaments and his estimated lifetime live winnings are somewhere around $4 million. In addition, he has taken on some of the most feared online players and emerged a winner countless times, including two wins against “Isildur1,” who many consider to be the best online head’s up competitor.

With the advantage clearly being in Haxton’s court, PokerStars has decided to sweeten the deal and level the playing field. The game being played will be the same, but a player that steps up to the plate will benefit in several ways. First, they will automatically receive a 30% boost in the number of player points earned. In addition, those that take on Haxton and manage to come out with a victory will receive a ticket for the Saturday Duel, a weekly tournament that often sees tremendous prize pools generated by a large number of entrants. If response to the Haxton’s Happy Hours promotion is good, PokerStars may launch similar programs with other top name pros.


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