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“hbx13902” Claims PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

shutterstock_14915350Sundays are the most anticipated days of the week for online tournament poker players with there being a whole program of action over at PokerStars. One of the more popular events in that program is the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up, with it this week bringing in a field of 3,476 players.

This yet again created a guarantee busting prize pool once the calculations were made, with the total being $695,800. That smashed the $500k guarantee and ensured that there would be 495 players coming out of the tournament with a payment of some sorts.

The winner on this occasion was “hbx13902” after he put in a superb final table performance to go from the short stack at the table to the eventual winner. He took home $93,538.53 for his efforts despite there being a three way chop at the end.

Final Table Seating And Chip Counts!

St 1 – steve3331 – 3,993,497

St 2 – petertai – 2,860,484

St 3 – The Lag rat – 2,190,193

St 4 – hbx13902 – 1,673,362

St 5 – utreg – 5,656,539

St 6 – Theo7171 – 3,340,055

St 7 – Legadzo – 1,816,833

St 8 – Sttephen.L – 3,511,142

St 9 – zebest_666 – 9,747,895

As you can see, “hbx13902” came into the final table as the most likely to be eliminated first, with him holding just 1,673,362 chips compared to the chip leader “zebest_666” and his amount of 9,747,895.

His climb up the rankings began when there were just seven players remaining at the table. He got all of his chips into the middle when holding pocket fives but thought that would be the end once he saw his opponent “Theo7171” holding pocket nines.

The flop fell as the 4h-3d-7h which improved him slightly as he now had a gutshot straight draw. The turn was no help when the 3s fell but the river fell as the 6d to complete his straight and double him up.

He quietly built his stack up from there and was actually the chip leader when the final three decided to agree to a chop of the prize pool.

The Chop!

hbx13902 – $83,538.53

steve3331 – $78,556.36

utreg – $75,958.89

This meant they would now just play out for the remaining $10k, with “hbx13902” making the first move at winning it. He eliminated “Steve3331” in a massive 21 million chip pot to leave it at heads up.

Heads up lasted just nine hands before “hbx13902” managed to see off his opponent. “utreg” pushed with the Ac-10c and was called by his opponents Kh-10s. “utreg” was looking good but when it is somebody else’s day there is not much you can do. The community cards fell as the 9s-5s-Qh-Ks-7d to give “hbx13902” his first ever PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up title and of course a combined payout of $93,583.53.

How It Finished!

1st – hbx13902 – $93,538.53

2nd – utreg – $75,958.89

3rd – steve3331 – $78,556.36

4th – Sttephen.L – $40,008.50

5th – zebest_666 – $29,751.50

6th – petertai – $22,613.50

7th – Theo7171 – $15,655.50

8th – The Lag rat – $8,967.50

9th – Legadzo – $5,566.40


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