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High Stakes Action – Ilari FIN Wins $227k!

High Stakes Action – Ilari FIN Wins $227k!

The new week at the highstakes tables commenced yesterday with none other than Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies again making sure he was at the top of the headlines. The Finnish poker pro is either the biggest winner, or biggest loser, with yesterday being one of his better days.

Despite having an awful year at PokerStars before the start of October where he had managed to drop around $1.4 million for the year, the last six weeks has seen a rather dramatic recovery. Since the start of October he went on a massive upswing in fortune having made more than a million in the first week, he then went on to make another million in the following week to finally put himself back in profit for the year.

With him being the Sahamies that we know, that upswing soon came to an end as he lost another $380k just last week to again put him in the red. Yet this time he didn’t have to wait too long for his fortunes to change as he finished up as the top profit maker having banked $227.3k.

He spent most of his time on the $200/$400 PLO tables where he was up against “refealamit” who had been up against one of the form players over the last month and “Jeans89”. He came away as the big winner from that session whilst “refealamit” was by far the biggest loser.

Sahamies also took down most of the biggest pots of the day, with his biggest being a pot of $130.1k that he took whilst up against “refealamit” after hitting his flush draw on the turn. He then took another large one when he managed to hit a set of queens again on the turn which was again against “refealamit” for $105.7k.

Though he won many of the biggest pots of the day, the very biggest he actually lost. This time it was the turn of “refealamit” to win as he took a score of $201.8k after hitting trip aces on the flop.

Though “refealamit” did manage to take home the biggest pot, he still finished up as the day’s biggest loser having dropped around $226k. He has still had a few good weeks, with no player able to win each and every time that they play. He will be hoping though to come back tomorrow and rectify most of those losses.

With a bright start to the week, it promises to be seven days of high class and high stakes action.

The Day’s Biggest Profits!

Ilari FIN – (+$227.3k)

NyPogadi11 – (+$72.6k)

Genius28 – (+$70.5k)

Skjervoy – (64.3k)


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