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High Stakes Roundup – Hansen Takes Down $560k

High Stakes Roundup – Hansen Takes Down $560k

It has certainly been one of those weeks for Gus Hansen, a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, yet he is finishing it on a certain high after banking $560k at Full Tilt Poker over the past couple of days. Things could have been even better, as he had banked a million between last Saturday and Tuesday, yet then went and lost it all in one day at the tables.

He decided to go back to his old favourite format, with him plying his trade at the mixed game tables. It is those tables that initially shot Hansen to millions in winnings back when he first started out in poker, yet over the years he has slowly been grinding away at the Fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo and 2-7 Triple draw tables with mixed success.

Well, his old stomping ground certainly brought back some of the rewards that he is used to, as he pocketed $500k in just two separate sessions on the $1,000/2,000 tables. His victims were a host of other players, with “patpatpanda”, “PostFlopAction”, “mastrblastr” and “Erik123” being amongst them.

It was another Full Tilt Poker “professional” who earned the second highest profit in this period of time, with Viktor “Isildur1” Blom notching up $172.2k whilst playing at both the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and Triple Draw tables.

He then went on to continue his current rivalry against last year’s highest earner on the high stakes tables, “Sauce1234” at the $250/$500 Pot Limit Omaha tables. That session actually saw him walk away the loser again, with “Sauce1234” seemingly having the beating of Blom recently.

It was that session between the two heavy weights that brought the days largest pot, with it being $150k won by “Sauce1234” when he flopped a straight and managed to dodge the flush outs of his opponent Blom.

In a reversal of that hand, another pot of $150k was won a little later by “Sauce1234” when it was Blom who flopped a straight, but “Sauce1234” managed to actually hit his flush draw outs.

That fight looks like it is going to run and run all year long, which is good news for those of that like to watch the high stakes action.

The Biggest Profits!

Gus Hansen – (+$560.3k)

Isildur1 – (+$172.2k)

Sauce1234 – (+$126.7k)

good2cu – (+$91.4k)

Check back with us tomorrow, so we can give you another report on who is dominating the high stakes tables. They are usually busy on a weekend so we are expecting some fireworks from all of the big names.


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