High Stakes Roundup – Two Names Revealed

Ace out of jacket

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been at it again in 2014, doing what he does best which is experience multiple swings worth millions of dollars. Every year it seems his year follows the same trend with him going on a heater before then losing it all and starting the cycle all over again.

It has been the same this year after he stormed into a $2 million profit at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars during the first month of this year, all before losing it ever since and went as low as $1 million in losses.

Yesterday however, he managed to put a stop to those losses by recording a win of $1 million after a 17 hour session at the tables. The majority of these profits were taken from “Carlooo13” at a range of different stakes and formats. He took his opponent for around $698.6k before heading for some more action elsewhere.

He found some whilst at the Fixed Limit Omaha Eight tables where there was some big action with the likes of Gus Hansen, “Bttech86” and “ronnyr37617”. After a few swings both up and down on that table and the earlier table, he eventually finished the day with profits of more than a million dollars.

The Mystery Screen Names Revealed

In a recent article published by PokerNews, two regular high stakes screen names have finally seen their identities revealed. The screen names of “patpatpanda” and “samrostan” both belong to the same man in Chun Lei Zhou. The article also sees the name of “MalACEsia” being revealed as that of his fellow Macau high stakes cash player Paul Phua.

The interview on Pokernews saw Chun Lei Zhou describe his experiences of playing mammoth sessions against the likes of Viktor Blom.

“He’s a good player. He never sleeps, like me. Sometimes I’m so tired, but I keep playing, that’s when I lose a lot. Sometimes you have to know when to quit, but I never quit. When I’m winning, I want to bust them. Sometimes I’m running good and they quit. A lot of people quit, but when I lose money they will stay and play. I will play, too. When they quit I’m still play, play, play. If I’m winning, I still play. If I lose back, maybe I’ll go to sleep”.


Guy that wrote this(or someone pretending to be him) sucks at heads up : )