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HighStakes Action – Hansen Drops Massive $1.5 Million

HighStakes Action – Hansen Drops Massive $1.5 Million

Yesterday was certainly a day for Gus Hansen to forget with regards to high stakes action, he dropped a whopping $1.5 million in a twenty seven hour session. In fact, he was the reason for so many of the day’s biggest winners too, with most of them taking a slice from him.

His day actually didn’t start out too badly as he had a very early morning session after midnight which brought him a profit of around $500k from the likes of “O Fortuna PLS” and “no Ola” whilst at the $200/$400 PLO tables on FTP.

However, after he went and presumably slept for around four hours, he came back to the tables at around 7am, this is where his bad day begun. He started to play against “O Fortuna PLS” again at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables and six hours later he had lost $300k.

He then upped the stakes dramatically and headed to the $2k/$4k Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables and stayed there for more than 23 hours losing $1.4 million whilst up against “cottonseed1” and “SallyWoo” amongst others.

He is still up on his preferred FLO8 tables as he had amassed a personal fortune of $5.5 million there before the former FTP was shut down, however that profit has now been slashed. He just had one of those days where nothing went his way.

The player that benefitted most from Hansen over the course of the day was “KPR16” who not only recouped the $200k he lost to his opponent the other day but actually took a lot more. He ended up taking $690k from Hansen though ended the day as the biggest winner for a little less at $649k. “cottonseed1” also benefited very well from Hansen’s misfortune, netting a profit of $413k for the day.

Though there were some massive winners, they didn’t bring particularly huge pots. The biggest was in fact won by “patpatpanda” who won $153.8k against that man again Hansen after hitting his nut flush on the river. He also hit a full house on the river to take another pot of $153.1k in a three way hand against “mimimi” and “skjervoy”.

The latter “skjervoy” was another player who had a rough time on the tables yesterday after losing a combined $380k at both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

After his loss, Hansen has since disappeared from the tables as it will no doubt take him a while to come to terms with how much he lost, though knowing him he will be back there soon enough in an attempt to recoup his losses.

Yesterdays Highest Earners!

KPR16 +$649.3k

cottonseed1 +$413k

SallyWoo +$292.9k

patpatpanda +$227.1k




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