Honest Taxi Driver Rewarded To The Tune Of $10k (vid)

reward sign

In a follow on from our story yesterday in which a Las Vegas cab driver found and returned $300k that was left behind by a poker player, according to CNN the driver has now been rewarded generously by the poker player to the tune of $10k.

In the week before Christmas it was reported that cab driver Gerardo Gamboa had taken a well known professional poker player to a casino in Las Vegas. However, this player managed to forget his briefcase full of $300k in notes only to be reunited with it a few hours later after the cabbie had found the stash of cash and reported it to his bosses.

It finished up with the player thanking the taxi driver and admitting that he will be considering giving a reward. Gamboa revealed that it would not matter if he got a reward or not, as he is just pleased to have been the one that found the cash and returned it.

In this latest development however, CNN has reported that Gamboa has now in fact received a reward from the player in the shape of $10k in cash. This was also added to by a reward of $10k from his cab firm that were also proud of his actions. That firm also named him as their cab driver of the year and even paid for him to have a steak meal for two.

One thing still remains a mystery however as the name of the poker player is still being kept under wraps. All we know is that it is a very well known poker player who has asked to be kept anonymous.

In an interview given to CNN, Gamboa said about the reward “I wasn’t expecting anything from the people I help. I never expect anything from the people I do good for, but I really appreciate it and that he appreciated what I’d done for him.” He was then pressed on the identity of the player but said “You know, he doesn’t want me to mention his name, and I want to keep his privacy. He doesn’t want any publicity.”

To read the full report we suggest you head over to CNN but until then you can look at the video article they released on the story.